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10 Ways to Make Money for Dog Lovers

Last Update: May 13, 2020

People say that dog is man’s best friend. They are loyal, innocent and loving creatures. Who wouldn’t love them? If you find yourself to be an animal lover, listen up. You can turn your love for dogs into a money-making business.

Back in the day, dogs had a different role among people. They were used to watch over cattle mostly or to protect the home they’re in. In the newer era, they gained a role of a pet. They are seen as an equal family member. People care about them more and more. This is why they want to give their furry friends the best quality of life they can. That’s the reason why the pet industry is blossoming.

It’s unlikely that you can get a whole career out of it (even though with some of these you actually can). However, you can earn some cash, and you can make it by doing something you love. And it involves those cute furry creatures. The good thing is you will get the money, AND that good feeling you have when dealing with dogs. Seems like heaven, doesn’t it? So, let’s start the countdown.

1. Dog Walker

We started with the most obvious one. You don’t need any special education for this, you only need to love dogs and know how to deal with them. A lot of people love their furry friends but can’t them at the regular walks because of their work and other obligations. Considering that most of them know how regular walks are important for dogs, they are willing to pay you to take their dogs for a walk.

Another upside is that you will get the exercise that, let’s face it, we all need. If you have a dog of your own, then you’re probably doing it anyway. And what’s better than one dog? The answer is more dogs.

To get in the dog walking business, you can visit Dog Walker or Local Dog Walker, or post your services on your local Craigslist.

2. Dog Sitting

Dog sitting is the best. It’s like baby sitting, but 10x better. A lot of families go on vacations where they can’t their dog with them. This is why they need someone to take care of their pets while they are gone. Some people want you to dog sit them at their own place, while some owners let you take their dog at your place. It all depends on what suits you better.

A good thing about pet sitting is that it doesn’t feel like a job. You go on with your life as you normally would, just add another dog into your daily routine. And if you already have a dog, it won’t feel much different than what you already are doing. And the money will keep coming.

Here are some pages that may help you. You can go to Rover and get into their database. Through their base, pet owners can search for potential services for their dogs. Another site you may visit is Pet Sitters International.

3. Dog Driver

A lot of older people have a hard time getting themselves to the doctor’s appointments, let alone their dogs. Other people are just busy and can’t do it at the time that is arranged. You can take their pets to their appointments. It doesn’t always have to be to the veterinarian, some dogs have play dates. You can also take them to grooming, etc.

Once the owners of the dog get to know you, you will be driving their pets everywhere. And that just means more money.

4. Dog breeder

Dog breeding takes a little bit more than just connecting two purebred dogs and waiting for them to make some puppies. You need to do a thorough research. Once you get the dogs you want to breed, you need to make sure their quality of life is up to standard. They need to be happy, healthy dogs with qualities that are desirable to get onto their offspring. It is something that requires a lot of investment in order to work. You need to invest your time and money in it.

Another important thing to do before you even start is to network with other dog breeders. Of course, those who have a good reputation. Not anyone can be a dog breeder, and especially a good dog breeder. This is only for those who are really serious about it. However, it is very rewarding in the end. Emotionally, and often financially as well.

It does require a lot of dedication and patience.

5. Dog Groomer

Hardly anyone grooms their dog on their own. We all know that every dog needs to get groomed every now and then. The dog grooming business is getting bigger and bigger. You can open your own dog grooming service, or look up if your local dog groomers need new workers.

This job also requires some education. Every dog breed is different and requires a different kind of grooming. Not only that, but the utensils you use in the grooming salon can be potentially dangerous for a dog that doesn’t behave well.

To get you going and inform about things you need to know, you can visit online training schools such as Animal Behavior College.

6. Dog photographer

If you have an artsy side to yourself and love dogs, this is a perfect combination. Photos are timeless. They are constant memory of moments that meant something to us. Considering that dogs now have such a sentimental value themselves, their photos will have a lot of value as well. A lot of families want to have a family portrait with their dogs, and some want just the pictures of their dogs on them.

Whatever the case, more and more people fancy the idea. So get your camera ready and start to research all the tricks you need to know about taking good pictures. Considering dogs playfulness and unpredictability, you should get a lot of quality candid photos.

If you want to research a little bit more about the topic, you take a look at How to Photograph Pets and Pet Photography Tips.

7. Make doggie treats

If you have a knack for food making, this may be a good idea for you. Dog treats are a necessity in dog training and life of dogs in general. Every owner wants to treat a dog for being a good boy. And every good boy loves to get some treats. Good thing is that you don’t need anything special to make them. You can make them at home with no problem. Pinterest is filled with some useful recipes on making the doggie treats.

If you get that good, you can even offer your doggie treats local cupcake and pastry shops in dog-friendly areas.

8. Pet supplies

People nowadays want to pamper their dogs. This is why pet supply stores are filled with pet owners. When they get a puppy, they want to choose a comfy bed, fun toys, quality food and all other supplies for that doggie. You will get knowledge about all the doggie supplies, and chances are you will meet a lot of dogs there.

Some companies may even let you bring your own dog to work, which is a great plus for dog owners.

9. Animal control officer

There is a lot of animal cruelty on the streets. Your job would be capturing and impounding dangerous or stray animals, investigating cases of animal cruelty, enforcing licensing laws, providing expert testimony in court cases, rescuing trapped animals, writing incident reports, and providing humane care to animals under their supervision.

Animal control officer is usually employed by city, county or even the federal government. This is surely a job where you can get ahead and make a pretty nice career out of it.

10. Veterinarian

Of course, veterinarian is one of the most obvious choices when it comes to finding a career that involves dogs. Your education to be a veterinarian lasts 4 years, and for a veterinarian technician, you’re required to complete 2-4 years of school in a vet tech program. If you are a loving and caring person that loves dogs, and animals in general, this truly is a career choice for you.

You will be helping a lot of animals and will get their unconditional love in return. Their love and your monthly salary.


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