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10 Things You Should NEVER Say in an Interview

In a process of job-hunting, you will be called in for a job interview. It can be a little nerve-wracking because it is probably a make it or break it moment. As much as you can win them over with the things you say, you can absolutely ruin them by saying things you shouldn’t say. We list you the top 10 things you should never, under any circumstance, say in an interview.

1. “I really want this job.”

Yeah, you clearly do because you just come to a job interview. And probably, so does everyone else who came there too. You may think that if you say that, you will show great interest and motivation to work there. However, all your hiring managers will hear is “I am desperate, please give me this job”.

Desperation is never a good look on anyone. It is your task to make them want to work with you, not to think that you desperately need that job because you’re barely making ends meet. Instead, you can try saying: “I am really excited about this interview because I always liked this company”, etc.

2. “Does this position include benefits?”

You didn’t even get the job, and you are already asking about benefits. This is not a good look on anyone. It will make you seem like you are there for all the wrong reasons. Of course, job benefits are a very important aspect of every job. It’s understandable that you want to know more about it.

However, there is a time and a place for asking these questions. A job interview is not one of them, so hold your horses just for a little bit more. Once the employer gives you an extended offer, it is okay to ask that question.

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3. “Um…”

There is nothing worse than your mind going completely blank. It happens all the time, to all of us. The worst thing you can do is start panicking because it will only worsen the situation. You won’t be able to remember your name, let alone anything else.

Take a deep breath and remember that it happens to anyone. Just say: “That is a very good question, let me take a moment to think about it”. By saying that, you will seem calm and collected even in the crisis situation. Everyone understands that things like that happen and they probably won’t take it against you. The way you deal with it is what will make you stand out.

4. “As I already said…”

There are two problems with this phrase. Firstly, it seems like you aren’t interesting enough. Even worse, you seem like you don’t have any new qualities so you need to repeat yourself. It makes you seem so plain that the interviewers can’t remember things you said. That is an impression you definitely don’t want to leave.

Another thing, you will seem annoyed. You’re basically saying: “I told you these things before, it’s your fault you didn’t listen. Now I have to repeat myself”. It is almost a passive-aggressive phrase. Your potential employer is the last person you want to be passive-aggressive toward.

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5. Hard-working, fast-learner, self-motivated, etc.

Talking ’bout a cliché. If these are the main qualities that you point out, it basically means that you have no qualities. These words have been recycled so much that people turn green hearing them. It’s also known that these words are mostly just big talk and no action. Not to say that it means that you have no creativity whatsoever.

Rather than saying these much-too-heard adjectives, tell them a short story where these qualities were actually visible. Also, come up with a few adjectives that you won’t find on every CV sample.