7 Jobs That Are Safe From Robots Taking Over

No Terminator could terminate these jobs.

4. Make-up artist

To be a make-up artist, you need to be a creative and skilled individual. Every customer that you’ll have is unique, and every customer should be approached differently. You need to recognize your client’s skin tone to use the right kind of products. You can’t teach a machine to be this creative and to have an individual approach to every client.

5. Hairstylist

To be a hairstylist, you need to have similar skills as a make-up artist. We all know the story of Edward Scissorhands, who made the best hairstyles ever. If Edward was replaced by the Terminator, we’re pretty sure that Arnold wouldn’t be able to keep his job. Hairstylist needs to be creative with client’s hair and have a different approach for every hair type. No robot can ever learn how to do that.

6. Firefighter

Firefighters are brave people that put their lives on the line to keep us safe and sound. They make decisions on the go and always need to be quick to react. Their willingness to sacrifice their lives for other people’s lives is what makes them unique. No robot will ever be able to be equal to a firefighter because they are true heroes.

7. Dog trainer

They don’t say it for nothing that dog is a man’s best friend. They aren’t robot’s best friend. To train a dog, you need to recognize the dog’s feelings, know how to communicate with them and often need to have an individual approach because every dog has a different personality.

While many jobs will be replaced by the robots in the future, these seven are still pretty safe from them. They still need that human touch with the creativity, warmth, and improvisation. These qualities still seem to be problematic for robots. However, the jobs that do get replaced by the robots aren’t that much of a tragedy because as the times are changing, there are new careers on the horizon every year. This is why there’s no need to worry.