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7 Jobs That Are Safe From Robots Taking Over

Last Update: March 2, 2020

One thing is for sure, the times are changing. With the times, jobs are also changing. There are many jobs that we have today which were non-existent in the past. There are also a lot of jobs that will probably become extinct because technology is moving forward and will replace humans in these occupations. However, some professions are still pretty secure from robots taking over.

1. Registered nurse

To take care of the patients, you need to be human. No robot can replace a human in that field because you need to have excellent people skills, interpersonal skill and they often find themselves in situations that require a lot of improvisation. They need to be quick to react because you never know when the unexpected can happen. And to top it off, I think that we can all agree that everyone who is sick would rather be tended by a real human than a machine.

2. Surgeon

Machines may be involved in the medical field, but they surely won’t take over. To be a surgeon you need to go through years of education and then when you get to do surgeries, every surgery is unique, and this is why they often need to make a call that may be out of the ordinary. Thanks to that call they can even save the patients life. Good surgeons have a lot of qualities that a robot cannot learn in the next thousand years.

3. CEO

To be a chief executive officer means to have a big responsibility. You are responsible for many people that work for you, you are required to make a lot of executive decisions. No mathematical equation or algorithm can give you the right answer to any of the questions that CEO’s deal with on everyday basis.


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